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What Is a Marketing Coach?

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What Is a Marketing Coach?

What is a marketing coach - Verve Creative

In simple terms a marketing coach works with you to help you develop the marketing skills and learn the tools you need to achieve your goals in your business.

Hiring a marketing coach sometimes means going back to basics and really delving into what your business is actually all about. They will work with you to take an objective look at your company’s marketing so you can learn how to better market yourself. They’ll also help you identify how reactive you are in dealing with your business and encourage you to think and work, more strategically. Working with a great marketing coach means building the successful business you dreamt of when you first started you business.

The advantage of working with an experienced marketing professional who is also a good coach means you’ll receive expert advice – not just someone who’s pretending to know marketing. There are plenty of very important aspects of your business that a marketing coach can help you work on such as:

  • identifying ways to grow your business
  • analysing who your ideal client is,
  • pinpointing how to reach those customers,
  • clarifying your brand message and positioning,
  • giving you objective feedback on your existing marketing collateral
  • pricing your goods/services to maximise sales,
  • uncovering new channels to market, and more! 

They’ll also be an accountability partner

I can’t tell you how many of my coaching clients take action because they don’t want to show up to a meeting without having done their homework.  It’s knowing they are accountable to me motivates them to take the action they know will help them grow their business.

Knowing WHAT to Do

 Most business people realise they need to “do more in marketing.”  However, determining what you should do is more important than simply pursuing random activities in the name of marketing.  Your coach will help you determine how to spend your valuable time and money.  What activities will generate results versus those that won’t. Because of her industry experience, she can guide you on what to do (and what NOT to do).

It’s All in the Numbers

 Any marketing coach worth her salt will have specific ways in which to measure your efforts.  Everything you do needs to be tied to a way in which to measure results. Great coaches know how to turn your efforts into quantifiable results. 

Tools and Resources

 By making quality assessments, holding you accountable and providing encouragement along the way, a marketing coach will bring a complete set of tools and resources to help you.

Would a Marketing Coach help me?

You’re a good fit for a Marketing Coach if:

Does this mean you won’t have to make sacrifices and potentially make some big changes, or take big chances? No, these are all possibilities when it comes to business and when it comes to coaching – you have to be a successful, open-minded individual. And you have to focus and be prepared to do the work Only successful people hire coaches because they understand their value. If you think you are a good fit, find out how a marketing coach could help you.

You’re not a good fit for a Marketing Coach if:

If you already think you know a lot about marketing, and you don’t have an open mind or are not prepared to take some honest advice then Marketing coaches are going to ask you tough questions and they will challenge your thinking. They will push you to get to your next level, but if you’re not ready for that, and if you are ready to DO THE WORK then you’re not ready for a coach.

Every truly great business person has received advice and insight along the way – and usually, a lot of it!  Marketing coaches are here to help you run your business in a way that works best for you. The best marketing coaches are savvy business owners who understand business and marketing.  

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