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What Does a Marketing Coach Do?

what does a marketing coach do?
April 12, 2020 | | Marketing Coaching |

Every marketing coach works differently, So I thought I would explain the way I work which is by following a simple, structured system, so there’s no overwhelm, just practical easy to follow advice.

Know Where You Are And Be Clear About Where You Want to Be…

We’ll start with a clear sense of direction. You’ll see exactly how many sales and customers you need every year, month and week to draw out of the business what you really want in order to reach your goals and all of a sudden, your dream life becomes tangible, achievable…

Now you and I will know exactly what
you’re working towards and your journey can really begin.

How to Get There…

Your Bespoke Profit Plan This is where I’ll weave my magic.

After getting to
know you, I’ll
use my in-depth
knowledge and experience to ‘prescribe’ a bespoke plan for you to close your
Gap and achieve your goals.

Your plan will
normally be broken down into small, manageable chunks –so you never feel
overwhelmed – and will be regularly updated and amended as you progress.

With me you’ll never end
up with a list of 600 things to do. I’ll literally be ‘prescribing’ exactly
what to do next for your business specifically to move you towards your goals.

At this point, for the first time in most business owners’ lives, you’ll have complete and utter clarity on what you need to do. No more wandering blindly on, no more ad-hoc marketing or zigging and zagging from one shiny new object to the next. Just follow your plan. Simples.

What To Do & HOW To Do It…

So you never get
stuck, ever again!

It’s all well and good to know WHAT to do. But HOW do you do it?

The answer is simple, as your Marketing Coach I will guide you through. We’re in this together and so I’ll be with you to offer advice, training, resources and more to make sure you’re making progress towards your goals.

No more confusion,
no more getting stuck. Just progress towards your goals. If you have any
questions, I’m always
available to help.

We’re systematically removing the barriers to your success.


I have one goal: to make sure you achieve YOUR goals.

Keeping you
accountable I will
hold your feet to the fire. I’ll check-in regularly with you.

I’m committed to
making sure you take the right action and move your business forward at the
pace you set in your initial plan. I’ll keep you accountable to what
you said you wanted to achieve.

Gone are the days
of procrastination or slipping back into your old ways. You’ll get more done
than ever before, and you’ll make significant progress because you’re no. longer
alone on your journey

Help, Support & Encouragement…

I will be there for

That’s right, if
you need me –
I’m there
for you.

Obviously, if you
need me every
day on an ongoing basis, you’ve got some major issues (!), but the reality is that
I’m your

If you have a
question that needs answering, I’m there for you. I’ll sign-post you
to resources, bring in other expert members of my team and do
whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals.

This is an
unprecedented level of access that you won’t find anywhere else.

The sense of
relief you get knowing that you have someone to go to for help, support, as a
sounding-board or for ideas if you’re stuck – is a genuine game changer for
many business owners and helps massively to accelerate you towards your goals.

You can also send me any marketing for me to critique. I’ll review it,
critique it, help you make it better and more effective so you get a better
response and never run a piece of bad marketing ever again!

Track Your Progress & Profit Growth…

Know it’s

Just like a
personal trainer at the gym, I’ll be tracking your progress and results
as we go.

We use our own ‘Tracker’
where together we enter your key numbers every month so you and I can monitor your
progress towards your goals.

Tracking your
numbers is crucial because you need to see for yourself that working with me is
working for you and your ‘gap’ is getting smaller.

It’s so easy in
business to always be focused on the challenges still to overcome and to lose
sight of what you’ve already achieved. With me on board that won’t
happen ever again.

Celebrate & Enjoy Your Success

Being a business
owner can be lonely for a lot of reasons – even when things are going well.

Having someone to share your successes with and give you the pat on the back you deserve is your Personal Trainer’s favourite thing to do – and I’ll be doing a lot of it as you hit milestones, tick off goals and move your business to where you want it to be.

And it’s
how I’ll help you to grow your business too!

level of support, and the genuine GAS Factor that you will experience (because I really
will ‘Give A Shit’) is unprecedented and unavailable anywhere else. Even on
programmes costing £20,000, you don’t get this level of intensity of support,
caring and nurturing.

When we
work together, you can expect to achieve your goals next year. I will make sure
of it.

You might be surprised, therefore, to discover that the investment required to access the Personal Training and support, as outlined above, is just £399 per month.

All prices are exclusive
of VAT.

IMPORTANT: Our aim will be to help you to generate more than sufficient additional profits in the first few months to effectively self-fund your investment – and, of course, uplifts in profit should stay with you year after year if you do the right things so you should expect a fairly stellar return on your investment.

have access to DONE-FOR-YOU assistance…

we recognise that getting things done is one of the biggest challenges facing
ambitious business owners.

AND, you’ll create with the help of my team all the marketing assets and collateral your business needs.

AND, you’ll have access to hands-n technical help with things like your CRM and website.