How to make a small business more successful

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How to make a small business more successful

how to make a small business more successful

What is the most important thing to make your small business more successful? Not just grow your business but actually to keep it going?

Is it you? Is it managing cashflow? Is it your staff? Is it your product or service?

The most important thing to make a small business more successful is your ability to get and keep your customers.

Let’s face it without customers or clients you have no business.

But how much time do you spend on the getting and keeping customers side of your business?

Do you have a plan, a schedule of activity, so everyday something is constantly and consistently happening so you can get and keep customers?

Do you do something every day?

Do set aside some time every week?

Or do you just wing it and do it when you ‘have time’ – when does that happen!!!

Or when you remember to do it when you think oh shit I haven’t done anything this week, and then you just wing it by doing something like quickly sharing a Facebook post into a group?

Or is that time when you look at the amount of business coming through and realise you have got a quiet patch coming.

I’ll be honest with you here, so absolutely don’t be embarrassed if you are simply winging it!! I was asked that question when I first started out in my agency – how much time was I spending every day on the getting and keeping customers – and embarrassingly it was very little – and it was a really stupid rookie mistake, The number one thing that was going to help me get and keep customers was relegated right at the bottom of the to-do list in the ‘when I have time’ section – bonkers!

And I was a marketer making a really easy simple but stupid mistake I of all people should have known better!

The only way to make a small business more successful…

The great Dan Kennedy said that to build your business successfully, you will need to become a marketer of the thing you do, not a doer of the thing you do,

You see, most business owners are only do-ers of the thing they do.

For example, I know an architect, he loves creating beautiful buildings. It’s what makes him happy and fulfilled, but he knows that in making the conscious decision to be a doer of architecture, he is inhibiting the growth of his business.

Now I’ve another friend that sees himself as a marketer of architecture services. In contrast, he focuses on finding new customers and looking after the ones he has got. That’s why he is one of the busiest architects I know. All because he sees himself as a marketer of architecture spending his time marketing his business, and thinking about how he can better market his business.

So, if you want to build a super successful business, get focusing chunks of your time on being a marketer, and not just a do-er of your business.

I mean that’s all very well. In theory, isn’t it, but how do you make it happen in practice, what does becoming a marketer of your thing, as opposed to do-er of your thing, mean in the real world?

It needs a mindset shift, and dedicated time every day – it doesn’t take much time – maybe 90 minutes a day. But each day, every day and you’ll soon build up momentum.

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