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10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

10 Habits of successful entrepreneurs

The top ten habits of successful entrepreneurs, the internet is awash with the top ten lists, from my own experience and from working with others these would be mine. What are yours?

Keep Learning

Is habit number 1   – go to seminars, read books, get a mentor, get a coach and constantly be educated. Every single day.

Do at least 30 minutes of exercise

Habit number 2 is making sure you do at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day. Why? This gets the blood pumping, it gets your energy high, and it gives us the energy to be able to go out there and start creating a lot more action for your business.

Build relationships with other successful people

Is habit number 3. Who you hang around with matters. Why? Because when you all mastermind together, you can always share ideas, you can cooperate. Your compounding knowledge will get you better and faster results. Surrounding yourself with positive people will keep you positivity up. We all know that don’t we? If we are constantly around the moaners and the whiners we start to slip into that mindset too.

Be obsessed with your goals

Habit number 4 for successful entrepreneurs is they’re obsessed with their goals. When they wake up in the morning it’s what they think about, when they go to sleep that’s all they’re thinking about. They share their goals, they make them public, they focus on them and they track their progress against them. So if you want to become a successful entrepreneur –  be obsessed with your goals.

Dream it, and then set it

Habit number 5 is dream it, and then set it. When you started in business you had a dream. But where is it now? Most people have their amazing dream, but they don’t have any plan, you have to take everything and write it down –  from where you now to where you want to go and how are you going to get there.  Put it onto paper, so you can see exactly where to go. Set your plan.

Have coaches or mentors

Success habit number 6 of successful entrepreneurs is that they all have coaches or mentors. Now let me tell you the difference between the two. A coach is somebody that gets you to do something, a mentor is someone that gives you the strategy and the tactics. Many successful entrepreneurs have both. You can’t have the big picture without the plan. We can’t have the plan without the big picture. So you must have both. So definitely get yourself a coach or a mentor.

Say no to the time saboteurs

Success habit number 7 is to know what the time wasters are. Stop saying “I’ll just do it myself” and just learning to say no to things that someone else could do – probably quicker and cheaper than you. It could be people who are your time saboteurs or activities or ideas. Warren Buffett says the reason why he’s so wealthy is that he’s able to say no to a lot of opportunities. So in life, we often end up saying yes, yes, yes, yes but the more things we say yes to the most time it sucks from us. So, to be successful and to learn this habit of successful entrepreneurs learn to say no to things.

Get up early

Habit number eight is to get up early, there has been lots of research and a lot of successful entrepreneurs get up early. Between five and six o’clock, to actually start doing their work. In fact what you’ll find is that if you get up really early in the morning, then you have the time to concentrate, and work, on the business, not in the business. You have time to do stuff when your customers or staff don’t bother you. And then that time then becomes your own ritual time where you get to do your own things and focus on the strategy and the marketing of your business, rather than doing the job.

Having multiple streams of income

Habit number 9 is having multiple streams of income. A lot of successful entrepreneurs don’t just have one income stream. Never put all your eggs in one basket so make sure you have multiple streams of income.

Use leverage and some kind of fast implementation

Habit number 10 is the fact that all successful entrepreneurs use leverage and some kind of fast implementation. That means whatever you try to do right now, don’t try to do everything yourself. Make sure that you’re utilising resources. Get other people to do things for you and do it fast. Also don’t get caught up in perfection, if you wait for something to be perfect it will never be done. Good enough is a great mantra to use – you can always change and improve as time goes on.

And then, one day, if you follow these 10 habits of successful entrepreneurs, then it will help your business to grow.

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