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How to get more reviews for my business?

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What other people say about you matters. So how do you get more reviews for your business? Reviews are important:

  • 88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation
  • 90% of people read business reviews online before they visit a business.

Have you ever wondered why your customers don’t leave you any reviews? It could be because they never think to do so, or they forget to do so, or they don’t know where or how to. But it is probably because you never ask them to! So, schedule some time to ask You could ask for recommendations on LinkedIn, reviews on Facebook, reviews on Trust pilot or other platforms you use Ask for reviews on Google My Business. And if you haven’t set up a Google My Business Account, then find out how to do it here. You could ping an email to all of your customers asking for a review – send an email every day to 5 or 6 customers over the next few weeks, ask them to send you a review, if you do 5 or 6 every day then it staggers when reviews are received rather than them all being on the same day!

How to ask for a review?

It could go along the lines of “We are all enjoying the summer/spring, the New Year.. here, hope you are doing ok – add some of your personality here use the tone and language you’d normally use when talking to customers. – We’d be really grateful if you could find a moment to give us a review, and then link to your review sites. Give them the web links to your review sites.  Make it easy for them, so they have to do as little as possible. And do you know what they probably will, as people like to do what they are asked. Reviews will transform how you appear to potential customers and improve your search performance. But you’ve got to ask, so show some leadership and get asking for reviews!

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