How to check the quality of my marketing?

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how to check the quality of my marketing

How do you check the quality of your marketing? Are you wondering why your marketing isn’t generating results?

Start with a marketing review.

We use a marketing quality test checklist to review each and every piece of marketing collateral. 

The first criteria is:

Does is have a CRYSTAL Clear objective?

The key word here is Crystal. Can you clearly and immediately see what the objective is?

For example you could be creating a direct mail piece, with the objective of setting up a meeting. 

If the objective is to get a meeting, then you don’t want to be trying to sell your product or your service.

You want to be selling the reason to be meeting with you.

On every piece of marketing you need to make it blindingly obvious what you want the reader to do; it could be driving traffic to your website, giving you a call, downloading a piece of collateral. Very rarely is it to buy something.

You need to be crystal clear about the purpose of your marketing piece, and what do you want people to do.

The purpose of all marketing is to persuade people to take action.

And the more clarity you give them about what you want them to do, then the more people will do it.

Too much marketing gets muddled because the objective is lost. You get carried away with trying to sell your product, explain your features, your benefits, talk about your add-ons, your price, your offers. None of that is relevant to your objective.

So today review every piece of your marketing and ask yourself does it have a crystal clear objective?

If you want more ways to check the quality of your marketing, look out for criteria number in the next blog post…

Or take a sneak peek and download our marketing quality test checklist here:

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