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benefits copy for marketing success

I was working through some copy this week with one of my clients.

Over the course of our meeting, I distilled down the ingredients that are essential if you’re going to write copy that compels people to take action. But what was interesting were the two points that this particular client found most helpful.

“It’s so true,” she said, “that we all revert to talking about features not benefits.” And she’s right.

It wasn’t exactly a marketing revelation that it’s smart to focus on the benefits to your customer rather than the features of your product or service BUT, it is where everyone seems to default to.

Including you.

I know you weren’t in my meeting, but I’ve seen your copy!

It’s ladened with features.

On your website. In your literature. In your emails.

Feature. Feature. Feature.

Where are the f****** benefits?

They’re the things that will resonate with your customers – and even more so with your potential customers.

The outcomes that you can make happen. The things that you’ll bring about. The changes and impacts that you can bring to fruition.

They’re missing. AWOL. Disappeared. Gone without trace. Absent from your copy – because you’ve defaulted to talking about the features not the benefits.

The greatest benefit ad of all time, has been cited as the ad Apple used when they launched the iPod – What they could have said was “Storage for 1GB of MP3S”. what they said was “1,000 songs in your pocket”

Interestingly, the second element that this particular client took from the meeting was the importance of writing in short sentences.

I challenge you, look through your website, your ads, or your direct mails – highlight in one colour the features you describe, highlight in another colour the benefits you provide. Then rewrite it all!

If you are struggling to get responses to your ads, your website isn’t converting, or you are just plain stuck, I can guarantee we can help your business find your benefits.

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