How to increase website sales?

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How to increase website sales?

To increase website sales, what are the 4 crucial questions your website needs to answer – for any visitor – the second they land on your page?

1.   Who is this for?

2.   What do you do?

3.   Why should I care?

4.   What do I do next?

How can you check that your website is doing this?

The 5-second test 

Increase website sales with 5 second test

Here’s a 5-second test to create a homepage that starts to convert and increase website sales…


Step 1: Find volunteers (friends, family members, fellow business owners) who will help you audit your homepage

You don’t need your ideal customer avatar to audit your homepage but if you do know some who can help you, then that’s even better.

BUT, it’s not at all a necessity to create a successful 5-second test. Ask 5 or more people if they can take a quick look at your homepage so you can work out how to improve it.

Step 2: Tell them who your business serves

Next, you’re going to explain to the person auditing your homepage who they need to imagine they are. Since you only care about your ideal customer’s opinion of your homepage, you want this person to know that’s who they are going to be for the purpose of this exercise.

The important thing here is to make sure that you’re not telling them what your business does, just who it helps.

Step 3: Have them review your homepage for 5 seconds

The time has come. Make sure to have some of your volunteers review your desktop homepage and others review your mobile homepage. Give them 5 seconds to review it, with only giving them the brief of who you help.

Once the 5 seconds are up, ask them for feedback.

Step 4: Ask 3 feedback questions

With your homepage fresh on their mind, ask your volunteers these 3 questions:

1.    What do we do?

2.    What problem do we solve?

3.    What action do we want you to take?

Write down their responses. You won’t remember everything they say, and this feedback is far too close to gold to forget, so you definitely need to write it down.

You want every adjective used, confusion point, and even the most painful feedback so that you can improve.

Step 5: Brainstorm key insights and create action items

Time to put your research to work. Look through the responses to your 3 questions and see what patterns you find.

Did your volunteers easily work out what you do? Did they know what action they should take next? Did some of your volunteers figure out what you do, and what problem you solve, and others didn’t?

Working out where you’re going wrong on your homepage will help you to make the changes necessary to start getting more conversions, enquiries, and sales!

If you need any help then give us a call 07949 188923 – we are really good at helping get your message right.

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