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best place to advertise

Stop thinking about marketing or advertising your small business until you read this…

Wondering how you are going to use marketing to rebuild your business? Frustrated that marketing you’ve tried “just doesn’t work”? Not sure what is the best way to advertise your business?

Are you CONFUSED and OVERWHELMED trying to figure out how and where is the best way to market your business to get a steady stream of people who want to have a conversation with you about what you offer? 

Here are the basics of marketing you must nail first, or you are going to waste time and money and still not get what you want. 

So let’s jump in…

You have to know the difference between STRATEGIC MARKETING and TACTICAL MARKETING

Most owners market tactically. They run ads on Facebook or print ads, build a website, do radio ads, social media, etc.

The “SECRET SAUCE” to making your marketing work to attract and close clients and customers is STRATEGIC MARKETING.

What is strategic marketing?

Have a MARKET DOMINATING POSITION. Put your business in a category of one. Eliminate your competition by making your business the ONLY obvious choice.

Don’t start with the media first. 

Most do this, and it is WRONG! 

I can’t emphasize this one point enough!

If you don’t want epic failures and wasted money with your marketing, then don’t choose media first. 


Who are your target customers?

It’s easier to sell hamburgers to meat lovers than to vegans. Everyone is not your target. You will waste marketing money if you don’t know your target audience and what they most want. Figure out the problem they have and don’t want. 


Address their problem (hot buttons) in a compelling message to attract them and then keep them engaged with the solution you offer.


Now the tactics, the best place to advertise. Where is your audience? Once you know WHO they are, figure out WHERE they are. What are the forms of media they use so you can put your message right in front of them to attract them?


Have a great offer by providing the solution to their problem. Create value in your offer to get the highest prices instead of cutting rates to get people to buy.

Final tip…

No one cares about you or your business. Harsh, right? 

Don’t worry, they don’t care about me either. 

STOP spending marketing money just to BRAND your business

It is a long process to build a brand, and you will starve before it happens if you market this way. 

People don’t buy because you have a great logo or a beautiful website.

They buy solutions to their problems, they buy results, or they buy to fill a desire. 

Whew! A lot of stuff, I know.

I hope this has helped you. 

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