Are you making these 9 biggest mistakes with your marketing?

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is marketing necessary

Marketing is the most necessary aspect of your business. Why? Because without marketing you’ve no sales and without sales, you’ve no business.

This is why I am continually gobsmacked by how many businesses don’t focus at all on marketing.

If you’re not making the sales and revenue that you want and you think that it is lack of sales letting you down, it’s not, its lack of marketing.

Marketing at its basic level is getting your business in front of people, and the more people that see your business, the more people will come to your business. And that is marketing.

After speaking to lots of businesses over the last few weeks, most just don’t realise they are making these mistakes.

So, I’d love to know whether you are doing or not doing any of these:

  1. Relying on referrals for leads. Of course, referrals are great for leads, and it shows you have a good business; however, you cannot rely entirely on referrals.
  2. You’re relying on a single not a multiple of marketing pillars. This could be social media, pay per click ads, networking, magazine advertising, there are tons; but if you are only relying on one of them and then the leads dry up then you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle
  3. You are relying on sales not marketing. Selling means you are concentrating your efforts on outbound – picking up the phone for example. Good marketing does the selling for you, it is generating inbound leads with messages in your inbox, enquiries through your website or people calling you.
  4. You are not being prolific, consistent and persistent. Your marketing activity needs to be constant, not turned on and off like a tap or you will constantly be going through periods of feast and famine. You need to be consistent with your emails, your content and your promotion.
  5. You’ve not got the right balance between content and offer. Only 4% of people are in the ‘buy now’ stage. Content is offering value, information and is all about building relationships, offers are all about asking for the sale. You need to find a ratio that is right for you; for some companies, this could be 5 x content to offers, for others, it could be 50 x content to offers. You need to be providing content and offers in your emails, on social media on your website and in your ads.
  6. Not maximising social media – social media is THE best source of free leads. You could be using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat – wherever your customers are. And remember the balance between content and offers
  7. You don’t know who your marketing too! It is so important to have a customer profile – your ideal customers are never just everybody. Once you know this then it will make it easier for you to be able to write copy and content that converts. You can put together the right content, the right offer at the right price and in the right place.
  8. You don’t track or even have any marketing KPIs – what is your cost per lead, cost per conversion, cost per sale? Most companies have absolutely no idea! What is the lifetime value of a customer? Once you know all of these then you can start to scale your marketing. Find out why marketing = creativity + maths
  9. Don’t know the origin of your leads – are they coming from Facebook, Google, Networking, print advertising, direct mail? Unless you track this, then you won’t know what marketing is working and what marketing isn’t working and if you don’t know this then you are just throwing money away. Do you know the quality of the leads coming from different sources? For instance, Facebook may get you lots of leads, but they may be poor quality or low spenders, whereas Google ads may get you fewer leads, but they might be better quality and spend more with you

I’d love to know if you are making any of these mistakes in your marketing. If you are, and you need some help with your marketing to help grow your business, then book a FREE no obligation call to discover how we can help you make your marketing brilliant.


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