How to MASSIVELY increase the effectiveness of your marketing…

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Copy to improve effectiveness of marketing

How to MASSIVELY increase the effectiveness of your marketing…

(without changing a single word)

Here’s the problem…

People are busy. 

People are lazy.

People don’t care about you (at least not as much as you think they do).

It’s harsh but true!

Your prospects are NOT taking the time to read your sales letter, email or landing page copy as thoroughly as you think they are.

FACT: people are skimmers

They glance at a page and decide whether or not to read it.

They half-read the first sentence and decide whether or not to continue.

In today’s modern world of shortened attention spans how are we, as marketers, meant to get our message across to people?

The answer…


That’s right. The way you format your text has never been more important to the success of your marketing.

More specifically, the size and ‘bold-ness’ of your text can make or break you – and most people are totally disregarding both of them!

Here’s how most people read what you put in front of them:

• They read what’s big and bold

  • They actively avoid large paragraphs and small text

You know it’s true – because YOU do it  too!

And you probably read that line above because it’s a little bigger than the rest of the text and is italic, so it stands out…

(you’re probably doing it right now!)

And you probably read that line above because it’s a little bigger than the rest of the text and is italic, so it stands out…

If we accept that people will skim over our message, then we need to make sure our marketing appeals to them.

What does that mean?

You need to make your KEY MESSAGES stand out by:

  • Bolding
  • Underlining
  • Changing Colour
  • Increasing Font Size
  • Capitalisation
  • Italics
  • Bullets/Numbered Lists
  • Boxes/Circles
  • Shading/Background Colour

Your marketing WILL be skim read.

Prepare for it. Embrace it.

How  to increase the effectiveness of your marketing:

There’s  a simple 3-step process you can follow to get this right in your marketing.

Step 1:

Copy and paste your email/sales letter/landing page into a Word document and make it all the same font, size and plain.

Step 2:

Highlight, bold, underline or capitalise ONLY the words and phrases that convey your main point, benefits and offer.

Step 3:

DELETE the rest of the text.

If the text you have left would still work on its own – you’re on to a winner.

If not, go back to the drawing board and enhance what you MUST convey to the reader.

Don’t be afraid to enhance entire sentences if that’s what’s necessary.

Too many individual words bolded up is a recipe for confusing the reader with too much ‘visual noise’.

So there you have it. Formatting matters. A lot.

And now that you know how to increase the effectiveness of your marketing make sure the next time you write ANYTHING to your prospects to make the key points  CAPITALISED, bolditalics, even underlined.

As long as they STAND OUT!

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